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Vinyl Strapping

Virgin vinyl strapping- newly manufactured vinyl; has not been recycled.

Vinyl is the ideal material for outdoor furniture. It can be made very rigid or very flexible and can come in an array of colors. Vinyl is a polymer that is created through a chemical process. The vinyl strapping that we use on our outdoor furniture has additives that make it resistant to stains and UV rays, ensuring that you get the longest possible use from it.

During the first few weeks of use on outdoor furniture, vinyl strapping may stretch while in use, then regain its original shape. This is because the vinyl has been manufactured to be a specific thickness and because it is new, it is very flexible. This is no cause for concern. After a few weeks the vinyl will begin to harden and it will stretch only enough to provide comfort and support to its user.

We offer an extensive array of colors in our vinyl strapping. Over 40 colors of vinyl strapping are available.

Double-wrapping is a method of securely attaching the vinyl straps to the aluminum frame of the outdoor furniture. First, the strap is attached to the frame with a rivet. We use two different sizes of nylon rivets depending on the type of furniture we are strapping. Then, the strap is wrapped around the frame two times to ensure that the strap is securely fastened to the frame.

All new outdoor furniture is made with 2 inch wide vinyl strapping. Older furniture styles may require 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch vinyl strapping. Depending on the piece of furniture, sometimes the original piece of outdoor furniture can be converted to 2" vinyl, giving the strapping a more uniform pattern with less spacing between the straps.

All of our outdoor furniture is available in two types of strap patterns: Horizontal (Straight Strap), or Basketweave (Cross-strap). Horizontal strapping is a method of strapping a chair or lounge horizontally across the frame. Basketweave is a method where both horizontal and vertical straps are interwoven, creating a cross-hatch pattern across the patio chair or outdoor chaise.

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