Sling Fabric

The samples below are our in-stock sling fabric.

Colors can vary on different devices. For truest color match, please refer to an actual fabric sample.

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Stocked Fabric

FS-203 Yellow Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
B-07 Lemon Yellow
B-09 Grey Sand Plus
B-09 Grey Sand
FS-216 Royal Blue Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
B-10 Royal Blue
FS-201 White Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
B-11 White
Forest Green Phifertex Plus® Fabric
B-12 Holly Green
T91NCS003 Suncast Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
114 Wedgewood Shade
FS-017 Mayan Teal Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
118 Teal
FS-002 Salsa Phifertex Plus® Fabric
889 Salsa
Montego Bay TEXTILENE® Wicker Collection Fabric
B-17 Montego
Ferndance TEXTILENE® Jacquard Fabric
B-20 Fern Dance
Dupione Poolside Phifertex Plus® Fabric
B-63 Dupione Poolside
Duponi Kiwi Phifertex Plus® Fabric
B-64 Dupioni Kiwi
Dupioni Sapphire Phifertex Plus® Fabric
L96 Dupione Sapphire
KT1 Dupione Spice
KT1 Dupione Spice
Natura Natural TEXTILENE® Wicker Collection Fabric
B-83 Natura
B-84 Tropico
B-84 Tropico
Durango Textilene® Wicker Fabric
C-31 Durango Wicker
Chesterfield Textilene® Wicker Fabric
C-32 Chesterfield
C-51 Raffia Natural
C-51 Raffia Natural
Forest Pebble Phifertex® P.V.C. Olefin Fabric
C-52 Forest Pebble
Forest Abbey Phifertex® P.V.C. Olefin Fabric
C-53 Forest Abbey
Aquafino Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
C-71 Aquafino
Straw Mat Cognac Phifertex Plus® Fabric
C-72 Straw Mat Cognac
Tropic Foliage Phifertex® Jacquard Plus and Novelty Collection Fabric
C-75 Tropic Foliage
Stripe Poolside
C-76 Delray Stripe Poolside
Stripe Kiwi Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
C-77 Delray Stripe Kiwi
C-81 Valencia Blue
C-81 Valencia Blue
Huffman TEXTILENE® Wicker Collection Fabric
C-82 Hoffman
Sea Breeze Textilene® Wicker Fabric
C-83 Sea Breeze
C-97 Wicker Cordoba Copper
C-97 Wicker Cordoba Copper
Coastline Peacock
C-110 Coastline Peacock
C-113 Island Stripe Sienna
C-113 Island Stripe Sienna
Sierra Sands TEXTILENE® Sunsure Fabric
C-120 Sierra Sands
D-26 Bamboo Wicker
D-26 Bamboo Wicker
Natural Fabric
D-46 Madera Natural
Desert Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
D-56 Cane Wicker Desert
Balsa Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
D-55 Cane Wicker Balsa
D-70 Driftwood
D-71 Redwood
D-71 Redwood
EY0 Pulse Kiwi
EY0 Pulse Kiwi
EY1 Pulse Dahlia
EY1 Pulse Dahlia
EY4 Raffia Pecan
EY4 Raffia Pecan
NB6 Hayden Hickory
NB6 Hayden Hickory
Plata Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
703 Cane Wicker Plata
Turquesa Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
E11 Madera Turquesa
Coral Topaz Fabric
EC1 Coral Topaz
Verde Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
AB9 Paja/Pasa Cane
Aluminum Fabric
305 Cane Aluminum
Veranda Nutmeg Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
268 Veranda Nutmeg
466 Spa Stripe
466 Spa Stripe
Amelia TEXTILENE® Wicker Collection Fabric
469 Amelia
Fresco Textilene® Wicker Fabric
474 Fresco
538 Cane Grass Cloth
538 Cane Grass Cloth
Hoffman Leisuretex™ Elite Jacquard Fabric
849 Santiago Stripe
Watercolor Tweed Oyster Phifertex® Cane Wicker & Waffle Wicker Fabric
OGA White Oyster
T91B5W22 Blue Ice
T91B5W22 Blue Ice
YAC Tempo Stone
YAC Tempo Stone
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