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Restrapping Patio Furniture

** All repair services are limited to our central Florida areas **

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lounge chair restrapping

Patio furniture restrapping is an affordable patio furniture repair that extends the usefulness of patio chairs and lounges.

Sun exposure and harmful additives in sunscreen cause vinyl straps to dry out and become brittle over time. Once they have reached this point, they have the potential to break and even cause injury. Since there is no way to reverse this process, we recommend fully restrapping patio chairs.

Vinyl strap replacement for patio furniture is safest and most cost effective when done all at once. If one strap is broken or discolored, the remaining webbing will fail soon after. The best approach is complete patio chair vinyl strap replacement. Only under certain circumstances, such as warranty repairs, do we replace straps individually.

Vinyl straps for lawn chairs are affixed to the frame using attachment hardware, such as pop rivets, stainless steel screws, and metal clips. We use the original means of attachment if available; if not, we make modifications to the frame in order to use an alternate attachment method.

Two-inch wide vinyl strapping comes in 200 ft. rolls. We measure the width of the patio chair to determine the length of the straps needed, taking into account whether they will be double-wrapped or single-wrapped, then cut them to length on a custom fabricated punch press.

To make them tight, the replacement straps for patio furniture are heated for several minutes at 200 degrees, making them pliable. Once heated, they are attached to one side of the patio chair and then stretched across the frame and attached on the other side. Once the straps are cool, they create a firm, secure seating surface.

We have been restrapping pool furniture throughout central Florida for 30 years. We have provided strap replacement for thousands of properties, including water parks, beach resorts, homeowners' associations (HOAs) and local municipalities.

We offer pickup and delivery throughout central FL, including Fort Myers, Clearwater, Kissimmee, and beyond. We do not offer onsite reweaving. Restrapping lawn chairs is only performed in-house at our Sarasota facility.

When you ask yourself who offers patio furniture restapping near me, the answer is A&K Enterprise of Manatee, Inc. To start the process, request a quote now! In order to help us provide you with an accurate quote, please include pictures of your outdoor furniture, including the attachment hardware.

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