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Resling Patio Furniture

** All repair services are limited to our central Florida areas **

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chaise lounge sling replacement

Reslinging patio furniture is an affordable repair that extends the usefulness of outdoor chairs and lounges. Patio chair sling replacement refreshes the appearance of your pool furniture and ensures its continued safe use. A&K Enterprise of Manatee is the authority on mesh patio chair repair in Sarasota. To reupholster outdoor chairs, we cut, sew, and professionally install new patio chair webbing.

The term sling refers to the piece of mesh fabric webbing that comprises the seat of lawn chairs and lounges. Sun exposure, heavy use, and tension at key support areas can damage patio furniture slings. Patio chair sling replacement is needed when the vinyl coating on the mesh wears away, revealing bare threads. Unfortunately, the material may rip before any wear is noticed. As a solution to this problem, we resling patio chairs in all new mesh. To ensure the perfect fit, we use the original sling as a template. If the original mesh is discontinued, we offer an extensive catalog of replacement fabric.

Patio chair reupholstery is a multi-step process from start to finish. Some disassembly is required to complete the outdoor chair fabric replacement process. To keep the webbing taught, patio chairs have tension bars beneath the seat that attach to the left and right sling rails. A sling rail is a metal bar that is bolted to the chair frame, holding the sling in place. The tension braces must be removed, along with the nuts and bolts that hold the sling rails in place. The replacement patio slings are double stitched and lined with 1/4-inch diameter vinyl spline for inserting into the sling rails. Once the slings have been inserted, spreader bars place enough tension on the sling rails for the hardware to be reinserted.

When you ask yourself, who does patio sling replacement near me, the answer is A&K Enterprise of Manatee! We offer pickup and delivery for commercial and residential properties throughout central FL, including Fort Myers, Clearwater, Kissimmee, and beyond. We do not offer onsite chaise lounge sling replacement; we complete all work at our Sarasota facility.

If you would like to find out how much patio chair reupholstery costs, request a quote now! To help us provide you with an accurate quote, please include pictures of your outdoor furniture, including the attachment hardware.

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