Nylon Super-glides


The Nylon Super Glide is a nylon skid that is attached to the sled-base of outdoor chaise lounges. The super-glide is molded from durable nylon and is attached to the outdoor chaise with two stainless steel screws. There are 8 super-glides per lounge. The super-glide is ideal for patios and pool decks with pavers, stucco, or other scratchable surfaces. The glide is designed to protect the pool deck and the lounge frame.

The super glide is an alternative that to the standard aluminum skid that is welded onto all of our outdoor aluminum chaise lounges. The super-glide is approximately 3/4" high and increases the seat height of the chaise lounge.

The super-glide is an option that may be added to our C-120, C-120B, C-160, and C-160B commercial chaise lounges for an additional $6 per lounge.

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