Round Patio Dining Tables
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Round Patio Dining Tables

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Aluminum Patio Dining Table
Flat Leg Aluminum Patio Dining Table
PTR36 / PTR42 / PTR48
Model: PTR36 36"
Model: PTR42 42"
Model: PTR48 48"
Acrylic Round Dining Table A36 / A42 / A48
Acrylic Round Dining Table
Model: A36 36"
Model: A42 42"
Model: A48 48"
Flat Leg Fiberglass Dining Table
Flat Leg Fiberglass Dining Table
FR36 / FR42 / FR48
Model: FR36 36"
Model: FR42 42"
Model: FR48 48"
Fiberglass Dining Table with extra bracing
Reinforced Fiberglass Dining Table
FL36 / FL42 / FL48
Model: FL36 36"
Model: FL42 42"
Model: FL48 48"
Patio Fiberglass Dining Table
Standard Base Fiberglass Dining Table
F36 / F42 / F48
Model: F36 36"
Model: F42 42"
Model: F48 48"

Commercial outdoor tables are essential for any porch, patio, poolside, deck, or garden. A&K Enterprise of Manatee, Inc. is a commercial pool furniture manufacturer offering a variety of commercial outdoor tables, including round patio dining tables, such as aluminum patio dining tables, acrylic round dining tables, and fiberglass dining tables. Every commercial outdoor table features a powder-coated aluminum base that may be customized with a choice of dozens of color options. Pair one of our round patio dining tables with any of our commercial outdoor dining chairs to create a custom aluminum patio table set. Every table is an aluminum base patio table available with either an aluminum, acrylic, or fiberglass table top are available with or without an umbrella hole.

Our premium round patio dining table is an all aluminum patio dining table offered in many color options, which include the option to mix and match the base and top color. The aluminum table top is a solid piece of aluminum with your choice of design. Our aluminum patio dining tables are available in the "R" style base, which is a flat one-and-a-inch by three-quarters-inch rectangular tubing, or the "C" style, which is a one-inch-round aluminum tubing. We offer aluminum patio dining tables in a variety of sizes, including 36-inch round, 42-inch round, and 48-inch round.

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