Restrap Patio Furniture

Patio furniture restrapping is an excellent way to extend the life of use for your patio furniture. Vinyl straps can become brittle from sun exposure and other elements, like sunscreen, which may cause the straps to break and potentially injure someone.

We have restrapped furniture for thousands of properties throughout Florida. Our process involves replacing all of the straps on a piece a furniture. It is safer and more cost effective to replace all of the straps at once than to replace them one by one. If a strap has broken or become discolored, the rest of the straps are on their way to the same fate.

Our shop is able to restrap many types of patio furniture, whether the vinyl strapping is installed with nylon rivets, stainless steel screws, or metal clips.

Need a quote? We may be able to stop by your property and look at your furniture if you are in central or south Florida. You may also email us pictures or bring a piece by our factory for us to look at it. When emailing pictures, we specifically need to know the type of hardware that attaches the straps to the frame to provide an accurate quote. It is helpful if you photograph the underside of the furniture. An emailed quote is only an estimate which may be adjusted once we are able to inspect the furniture in-person.

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