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indicates the Sling Fabric name and part number. indicates the Umbrella Fabric name and part number.

Colors can vary on different devices. For truest color match, please refer to an actual fabric sample.

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FM-301 Aluminum TEXTILENE® Metallic Fabric
FM-301 Aluminum
FM-304 Pearl TEXTILENE® Metallic Fabric
FM-304 Pearl
FM-310 Titanium TEXTILENE® Metallic Fabric
FM-310 Titanium
FM-307 Caribbean TEXTILENE® Metallic Fabric
FM-307 Caribbean
FM-308 Go Green TEXTILENE® Metallic Fabric
FM-308 Go Green
FM-309 Curry TEXTILENE® Metallic Fabric
FM-309 Curry
FS-002 Salsa Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-002 Salsa
889 Salsa
Guacamole Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-003 Guacamole
Snappy Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-023 Snappy
Forest Green Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-251 Forest Green
B-12 Holly Green
Stucco Phifertex Plus® Fabric
3007145 Stucco
Duponi Kiwi Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-010 Dupioni Kiwi
B-64 Dupioni Kiwi
Dupione Poolside Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-007 Dupione Poolside
B-63 Dupione Poolside
Dupioni Sapphire Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-021 Dupione Sapphire
L96 Dupione Sapphire
Metallica White Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-030 Metallica White
Metallica Platinum Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-049 Metallica Platinum
Metallica Salsa Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-057 Metallica Salsa
Burlap Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FS-029 Burlap
Straw Mat Blue Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FP-044 Straw Mat Blue
Straw Mat Cognac Phifertex Plus® Fabric
FP-014 Straw Mat Cognac
C-72 Straw Mat Cognac
Stripe Poolside Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
FS-006 Stripe-Poolside
C-76 Delray Stripe Poolside
Stripe Kiwi Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
FS-008 Stripe Kiwi
C-77 Delray Stripe Kiwi
Stripe Conch Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
FS-011 Stripe Conch
Leena Indigo Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
FS-025 Leena Indigo
Aquafino Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
FS-048 Aquafino
C-71 Aquafino
Satiago Stripe
FS-050 Santiago Stripe
Releigh Stripe Phifertex® Stripe Fabric
FS-051 Raleigh Stripe
Royal Cafe TEXTILENE® Sunsure® Fabric
FS-004 Royal Cafe
Forest Cafe TEXTILENE® Sunsure® Fabric
FS-005 Forest Cafe
Sahara TEXTILENE® Sunsure® Fabric
FS-024 Sahara
FS-026 Meridian Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
FS-026 Meridian
FS-026 Honey Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
FS-027 Honey
FS-018 Autumn Fern Textilene® Sunsure Fabric
FS-018 Autumn Fern
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