SW-50 Sling Dining Chair

SW-50 Sling Dining Chair

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Discount Price: $104.00

SW-50 Sling Dining Chair


Customize in any Finish/Fabric Combination


Length: 32 in.
Width: 241/2 in.
Height: 343/4 in.
Seat Height: 171/2 in.
Weight: 11.2 lbs
Stack Qty: 5
Tubing: 21/8 x 3/4 in. Wide
Finish: 214 Turquoise
Fabric: B-10 Royal Blue

The extra wide armrest of the SW-50 gives this patio chair unparalleled style and comfort. The wide aluminum tubing is a favorite style among top tier resorts and upscale properties. The SW-50 Dining chair is ready to be powder-coated in any of the available frame finishes and can be paired with any of our stock or special order sling fabric selections.

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