SW-50 Sling Wide-Arm Dining Chair

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B-07 Lemon Yellow B-10 Royal Blue B-11 White Plus® 114 Wedgewood Shade 118 Teal 889 Salsa B-17 Montego B-20 Ferndance Dupione Poolside B-64 Duponi Kiwi L96 Dupioni Sapphire KT1 Dupione Spice B-83 Natura B-84 Tropico Durango Wicker Chesterfield C-51 Raffia Natural Forest Pebble Forest Abbey Aquafino Phifertex® Stripe Fabric C-72 Straw Mat Cognac C-75 Tropic Foliage C-76 Delray Stripe Poolside C-77 Delray Stripe Kiwi C-81 Valencia Blue C-82 Hoffman C-83 Sea Breeze C-97 Wicker Cordoba Copper C-110 Coastline Peacock C-113 Island Stripe Sienna C-120 Sierra Sands D-26 Bamboo Wicker D-46 Madera Natural D-56 Cane Wicker Desert D-55 Cane Wicker Balsa D-70 Driftwood D-71 Redwood EY0 Pulse Kiwi EY1 Pulse Dahlia EY4 Raffia Pecan NB6 Hayden Hickory 703 Cane Wicker Plata E11 Madera Turquesa EC1 Coral Topaz Fabric AB9 Paja/Pasa Cane 305 Aluminum Fabric 268 Veranda Nutmeg 466 Spa Stripe 469 Amelia 474 Fresco 538 Cane Grass Cloth FS-050 Santiago Stripe OGA White Oyster T91B5W22 Blue Ice YAC Tempo Stone
SW-50 Sling Wide-Arm Dining Chair

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Discount Price: $108.00

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SW-50 Sling Dining Chair


Customize in any Finish/Fabric Combination

Length: 32 in.
Width: 241/2 in.
Height: 343/4 in.
Seat Height: 171/2 in.
Weight: 11.2 lbs
Stack Qty: 5
Frame Material: Aluminum
Extrusion: 21/8 x 3/4 in. Wide
Seating Type: Sling
Construction Quality: Commercial
Pictured Frame Color: Anodized Silver
Pictured Fabric: FT-125 Surfside (+$10)

The extra wide armrest of the SW-50 gives this patio chair unparalleled style and comfort. The wide aluminum tubing is a favorite style among top tier resorts and upscale properties. The SW-50 Dining chair is ready to be powder-coated in any of the available frame finishes and can be paired with any of our stock or special order sling fabric selections.

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Sling Wide-Arm Chair
SW-50 Sling Chair
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